5 Tips To Use And Mold Chocolates You Purchase In Any Way You Please!

We all love chocolates. And why not, they are simply so delicious and addictive, plus giving a lot of mental satisfaction and joy. Chocolates have been loved since thousands of years and rightly so, people have known their value all along and that has increased in fact over time, and chocoholics worldwide are simply tempted by the idea of having these. Moreover, buying chocolates online in India and gifting them to loved ones and your near and dear ones has become the new trend being followed by a lot of people. Buy chocolates for Rakhi and for your beloved brother for example. Chocolates manage to deliver that level of contentment and happiness that perhaps nothing can, that the beauty of chocolates. Moreover, they are loved by almost everyone out there, and the different varieties available simply add the icing to the cake.

Here we discuss a few tips and tricks to use chocolates at home once you purchase them if you wish to reshape the chocolates based on your convenience and liking, to give it your own personal touch! 

1. Melt the chocolate that you purchase by breaking into even pieces and then stirring the concoction thoroughly to remove any lumps that remain even after a little while of melting and stirring. This will keep the consistency of the mixture maintained and you can quickly switch over to the next step from here on.

2. Pour the melted chocolate that you just obtained into the molds that you must have already purchased for shaping your chocolate according to the shape and sizes you desire and fill these molds to the very top, for getting the best results. Make sure to fill all to the same level for evenness of the final result. 

3. Once done start tapping the molds using your fingertips, and giving them a little shake. This makes sure that you get rid of any air bubbles that might have seeped while stirring or melting the chocolate. These, if present can ruin the consistency of the chocolates that you are trying to remold. 

4. Wait for a little while and let the chocolates set. Make sure that the chocolate in the mold becomes hard enough before you move on to the next step, otherwise you will face a lot of problems struggling with the consistency. 

5. Once you see that the chocolate is hard enough, carefully pop them out of the mold and scrape of any remaining chocolate with a butter knife. 

Keep these in mind when doing this the next time!

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