Buy Ramadan Special Chocolates and Dates Online

Chocolates have been loved and cherished since times immemorial. And why not, they have become an indispensable part of our lives because of their deliciousness, consistency, variety, and finger licking sweetness, and moreover, chocolates are perfect to give as gifts to your near and dear ones. The use of chocolates dates back to thousands of years and the time of civilizations like the Aztecs, who, at certain points in time even used cocoa beans as currency because chocolates were revered that much and cherished as well. Since then their significance has not decreased, and it has rather increased. Moreover, on special occasions and events like Ramadan, Eid, Raksha Bandhan, chocolates and dates assume the role of divine messengers, to share the love and blessings amongst people you love and cherish, chocolates are the perfect medium.

These chocolates, when enclosed in custom boxes of wood, leather and silk make the experience different, more immersive, luxurious and memorable altogether.  Along with chocolates, dates are also cherished on occasions such as Ramazan as they have a special linkage with history and how these occasions developed over time.  In Ramazan, after sunsets, families come together to have the fast breaking meal called “iftar” in which dates are usually the first food consumed; and rightly so, because according to historical facts, Muhammad broke his fast with three dates.

Keeping this rich tradition in mind, we at Zoroy have brought together the best assortment of chocolates and dates for these special occasions, a unique and a memorable experience for anyone wishing to spread love, joy and happiness in the lives of their loved ones on such festive occasions. And not only with family and friends, but we even specialize in the trend of corporate gifting, rediscover bonds all over again and spread joy even in your professional world. Some of our Ramazan special assortments include:

  • Pure wood 'Ramadam Kareem' 9 Chocolate Box
  • Ramadan special Silk Box with 16 dry fruit Dates
  • Box of 20 Dark choocolates
  • Ramadan Family Box of 30 Assorted Dates Chocolates
  • Elegant cutwork Wood box with 16 assorted Dates chocolates - Ramadan Special
  • Wooden Photo box with 16 assorted Dates chocolates - Ramadan Special
  • Ramadan Ballotin of Nut and Date Roundel chocolates
  • Ramazan exclusive Leather finish Dates Box of 20
  • Ramadan/ Eid Treat Box of 20 Assorted Belgian Chocolates
  • Black Beauty Box with chocolates cookies and dry fruits

After seeing these and the unending variety of options available online on our store, we just get drawn towards these and get that uncontrollable urge to grab our next bar or basket of rich chocolates and dates from the most sort after chocolate collection in India. What if that collection was personalized, event or festival based, and affordable at the same time? Yes, you heard it right, all these options at one store, using which you can buy chocolates online in India in the quickest way possible with the best user experience and variety.Moreover, head over to our special Chocolates and Treats section and feast your eyes on to our Signature Belgian chocolates, pralines & truffles, luxury chocolates and get lost in their delicacy and beauty. Eat them, gift them, use them, store them, use them as you please and fall in love with luxury chocolates and dates all over again with Zoroy. So, if you are also in the mood to buy your luxurious chocolatey lot, then you are most welcome to check out our online portal at Zoroy, and be stunned with the variety and quality! Happy shopping!