Buying Chocolates for Rakhi and a Few Tips on Shaping Chocolates as You Need!

With the raksha bandhan festival right around the corner, we need to look for ways to bring alive that sacred bond that exists between brothers and sisters. There are many ways to do this. But what is one thing that comes to mind, that will give the right amount of contentment, satisfaction, love, cherishment and delicacy at the same time? Chocolates. They pertain to that class of goods that are loved and cherished by people all over the world and comes in a huge amount of varieties and types which satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! Buying chocolates for rakhi hence is one stop solution for siblings and what else would you need if you saw your whole family happy seeing a celebrations basket for raksha bandhan being opened and devoured then and there?

Here we mention a few tips and tricks to use chocolate molds in order to make the best use of chocolates that you purchase if you wish to give them your own twist and see the happiness in the eyes of people that you love and cherish

Using Chocolate Molds

* Don’t wash the chocolate molds that you own with soapy water. The soapy water ends up removing the shine of the mold that is inherent to them, making it hard to get chocolate scraped off. Instead, wash the molds in hot water.

* Always dry the molds with care after washing. Spots and drops of water end up causing and forming areas where chocolate will not release quickly from the mold and the more you struggle with this the worse the chocolate mold will get, ruining the special shape assumed by the chocolate!

* If your molds happen to be extremely sticky, which grab hold of the chocolate paste and refuse to let go, rendering your chocolate chunks shapeless, lightly coat the mold with a fine layer of vegetable oil and then see the difference.

* If you make a mistake while pouring your chocolate mixture, or if extra chocolate ends up falling in the wrong places –try not to touch it while it's wet. Keep the chocolate in freezer in order to harden it. Then you can simply scrape off the parts and droplets you don't want there and use them perhaps for late if the quantity is substantial!

So keep these points in mind when using mold next time to avoid any problems that are avoidable!

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