Have you ever thought that a single chocolate bar can serve you all the wonderful cacao pleasures as well as spice up your taste buds?  

If not, then you can try out the unique Vanilla and Chai Masala Dark Chocolate collection from Zoroy and present yourself a scintillating combination of ingredients that together intensify the taste as well as deliver undeniable health benefits.  

Our master chocolatiers have married smooth dark chocolate made from organic cacao beans with ingredients like Chai Masala Spices and Pure Vanilla Powder. This combination is carefully though of and intends to serve irresistible pleasures of taste as well as better nutrients.   

Satisfy your sweet tooth with unexpected chocolate combinations  

We at Zoroy present to you dark chocolate combinations that are sure to become a favorite. Our chocolate bars from the purist collection are much more than delicacies, they are sophisticated servings of immaculate tasty ingredients hand-prepared with all the love and care.

Just like any good wine, these tastes deserve much more than just to be consumed. To fully immerse yourself in the wonderful refined tastes of dark chocolate, sophisticated spicy blends of chai masala and the inviting opulence of pure vanilla powder, you need to savor each bite slowly. Take a small bite and allow the exquisite chocolate to tantalize your taste-buds and await the explosion of pronounced flavours to create a glorious harmony of sweet and spicy that is incredibly unique.   

The Chai Masala presents to be unique blend of a plethora of Indian spices that include clove, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper as well as ginger.    

The simplest yet most delicious ingredients  

The “Purist” tag that we associate with our chocolates is a result of the unaltered flavors that we present from our chocolates. Our dark chocolates prepared from organic cacao beans undergo minimum post-processing so that you get to cherish the virgin goodness of nature. Infused with a blend of the most aromatic masala chai spices as well as pure vanilla powder, it together serves to be a bundle of irresistible joy that you can avail and have delivered to the ones you adore.

By blending chocolate with unique combinations of natural ingredients, we have created an amalgam that is exceptionally opulent in taste as well as nutritional benefits. Hereis how the various ingredients in our special purist Vanilla and Chai Masala Dark Chocolate have been studied to benefit our body and metabolism - 

  • Clove in chai masala serves anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties  
  • Dark chocolate helps enhance moods due to release of endorphins     
  • Cinnamon is a vital medicinal element that helps boost healing function 
  • The chai masala spices help boost digestive function    
  • The vanilla powder ingredient has been studied to reduce cholesterol levels  
  • The miracle spice ginger is loaded with nutrients and vitamins    
  • Chai masala has spices are anti-bacterial and this help support the immune system  

Carefully thought combinations to derive delicious chocolate bars   

It is common for all to experience an undying craving and urge for chocolates and we at Zoroy cater to your desires of unique tasty combinations by offering you a Purist Collection that has been prepared with all the love. You can buy our Chai Masala and Pure Vanilla Dark Chocolatefrom https://www.zoroy.com/zoroy-purist-collection-70-organic-dark-chocolate-with-vanilla-and-chai-masala.html