From the earliest days of cinema, chocolates have been cast as the go-to symbol of love and romance.  The passionate influences derived from these exquisite delicacies have found a timeless connection to our heart and feelings.        

People have cherished and craved chocolate for as long as 4,000 years. Chocolate has been very important even to ancient civilizations. Cacao beans were so important in those civilizations that some say they were as valuable as gold.        

Chocolate has a vibrant history as a love food. Passion for chocolate is rooted deep within us and we know how well it connects to emotions and feelings. 


When you think of Valentine’s Day, the thought of chocolates sure arises. We all love to share chocolates with the ones we love and the relationship between chocolates and Valentine’s Day is meant to last till eternity.   

Going through history and facts, we can trace the moments when chocolate found its presence as a symbol of love to be shared on February 14. People have been celebrating Valentine’s Day as early as in the 1800’s. Writing letters to the beloved soon evolved into sharing boxes of chocolates. Ever since, the tradition has flourished and become one of the most cherished moments of the year to experience.                    

A timeless tradition re-imagined with a modern twist!                    

While our ideas and means of gifting have changed, mankind remains sincere to its passion for chocolate sharing. Upholding the traditions from past and introducing innovative gifting ideas in the form of Valentine’s chocolate box presents represents how well we support the relationship between chocolates and February 14.            

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We wish you and your loved one a lifetime of sweetness, love and prosperity in all aspects!