ZOROY LUXURY CHOCOLATE Box of Chocolate toffee Buttercrunch | Almond Brittle Box | Almond chocolate crisps | Butter toffee Almond thins | crunchy almond chocolate | Dark chocolate | Gift chocolate Box | 150 grams

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Contains - ZOROY Luxury Chocolate Box of 150g of chocolate. Contains a crisp layer of buttery caramel coated with chocolate and topped with almond crisps.

Experience - ZOROY has crafted these fine buttercrunch slabs which is a treat for the senses with exceptionally rich chocolate bar on the exterior and crunchy caramel on the inside. The experience of the almonds crunch inside the mouth is a heavenly feel..

Storage - Should be stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Packing - Each box is packed in airtight pouch and put inside metal tin containers for safe travel . Please re use the tin and reduce the load of wattage on Mother Earth.

Allergen and Content Information - Our chocolates are completely eggless. Our chocolates are processed in a facility that also processes nuts and the chocolates may contain traces of the same.