ZOROY THE FINESSE Pure Unsweetened Natural Creamy Almond butter | No sugar | High Protein | Vegan | Keto friendly | Gluten Free | No preservatives | No emulsifier | No added oil | 200 grams

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Contains - ZOROY The Finesse Unsweetened Almond Butter contains 100% Almonds , Nothing Else. Strictly no emulsifiers | No preservatives. Because we do not add any emulsifiers or stabilisers oil separation may be observed. Please make sure you stir the jar well before every use.

Benefits - Very Nutritious | Dairy Free | Vegan almond butter | No Added Sugar | Contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals |Protein Rich | Fiber Rich | Vitamin E Rich Experience - ZOROY has crafted this fine pure almond butter, which is a treat for the senses and a pleasure for the health watchers.

Storage : Should be stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Refrigerate once opened to preserve freshness

Suitability - Perfect as an everyday treat on toast or salad. Add as ahealth dollop to your shakes ans smoothies. Add creaminess to Indian gravies or pastas. Blend a table spoon in a glass of water to make light and refreshing Almond milk.