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ZOROY Luxury Chocolate coated nuts | chocolate coated cashew | cashew draggers | Panned nuts | Pure couverture | Airtight box | 175 gms

Contains - ZOROY Luxury Chocolate Box of 175g of Pure couverture chocolate coated cashews.

Experience - ZOROY has crafted this pack of fine chocolate coated cashews which is a treat for the senses with exceptionally rich chocolate on the exterior and crunchy nut on the inside. The experience of the cashew crunch on the inside and smooth balanced chocolate on the outside is a heavenly feel..

Storage - Should be stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. In case you choose to refrigerate it, bring it to room temperature before consumption.

Packing - The nuts are available in an air tights box. These containers are light weight and can be used safely for travel. Please tightly screw the lids back to the bottle after opening to enjoy the freshness of the product.

Allergen and Content Information - Our chocolates are completely eggless. Our chocolates are processed in a facility that also processes nuts and the chocolates may contain traces of the same.

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        "ZOROY Luxury chocolate, pack of 175g of roasted cashews coated with pure Belgian couverture chocolate. These small chunks of nuts dipped in pure chocolate are also known as Panned Nuts. Panning is an original, artisan method of chocolate coating fruit and nuts (or a center). It is one of the oldest and technical skills of chocolate making.

        Chocolate is slowly poured over these nut centers in a tumbling coating pan. The speed of the pans circulation and the viscosity of the chocolate is carefully controlled by our skilled craftsmen. If too much chocolate is applied, the centers may stick together causing a failed batch.

        The friction created by the tumbling action in the pan distributes the chocolate on each and every center. Over time the chocolate cools and further chocolate is applied until an ideal chocolate ratio-to-center is achieved. Our chocolate makers take great pride in achieving a near perfectly smooth, round surface. "

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