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ZOROY 5 Belgian Bar set The Gourmet Gallery Gift box - 125 Gms

ZOROY 5 Belgian Bar set The Gourmet Gallery Gift box - 125 Gms

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A classy box contain 5 Belgian bars, 25gms each. ZOROY Luxury Chocolate 5 Belgian bars, 25gms each.  Contains an assortment of 25gms pure Belgian Milk chocolate bar, 25gms bar of Pure Belgian 54% Dark chocolate bar with cacao nib crunch, A 25gms bar of Milk chocolate with French biscuit. 

Chocolate was invented in 1900 BC by the Aztecs in Central America. We at ZOROY Luxury Chocolate bring to you those exotic flavors and hand crafted chocolates that the Aztecs enjoyed secretly.

The pure chocolate is first tempered meticulously by our experienced craftsmen. Then, nuts and nibs are roasted in our drums to the right temperature to bring out the best flavors.

These are added to the pool of tempered chocolate. Post which the rich and smooth chocolate along with the delicacy of crunchy add owns are  poured into our Signature molds to be transformed into bars.

Each bar is a piece of rich cocoa chocolate and is truly irresistible.

The pure cocoa butter present in the chocolate lends the bar a smooth and velvety texture, which leaves a lingering effect on the palate long after the chocolate is gone.

The feel of each little bite with transports you immediately to the  world pleasure. A bliss to be consumed and a pleasure to be shared with your loved ones. A true chocolate !

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